A beautiful and purposefully-designed open green space is at the heart of the plans


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What are we doing and where?

We have plans to improve the northern part of the city centre. The plans would the see the redevelopment of the former Tricorn and Sainsbury’s sites which the council bought to unlock the opportunity for long-term regeneration.

We want to make the best use of this large area by creating new homes, new walking and cycle route and a large open green space stretching from St. Agatha’s Church to All Saints’ Church.

The plans will support the wider revitalisation of the whole city centre


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Why are we doing this?

The City Centre North project focuses on:

  • The future of the city centre and environmental needs
  • What you have been telling us through the Local Plan survey and the Imagine 2040 City Vision
  • Joining up logically with our other projects in the city centre
  • Supporting the need for sustainable, affordable homes
  • Enabling a greener city with easier travel
  • The local community but also considers attracting visitors

Developing a new  substantial  green open space in this area will:

  • Help people’s physical and mental health
  • Improve our natural environment – from the air that we breath to the variety of wildlife
  • Create safer routes for people walking or cycling
  • Facilitate cultural and creative activities
  • Be a shared space, helping people connect
  • Support the local economy by creating new business opportunities that don’t depend on traditional high street shopping
  • Provide a safer, healthier environment for homes

How are we doing this?

We asked people how they want to see the city centre improved as part of our Local Plan consultation and at a public drop-in event in February 2021. We want to involve the community in shaping the plans for the city centre at each stage of the project.

We’ll be inviting residents, business and community groups to share their ideas and priorities for the area through city-wide consultation, pop-up events, focus groups and creative workshops.



As with any development of this nature, we need to submit a planning application to the local planning authority.

We want the City Centre North project to involve as many people as possible in the design of the site and how it will be used, so the application has been kept as flexible as possible. It identifies the potential range of land uses and amounts of development that could be delivered on the site. It also identifies the broad locations for potential new buildings, new pedestrian and cycle priority routes, and new shared spaces, including the creation of a significant open green space for Portsmouth.

The application also shows how the land might be developed over time and how it will relate to the existing and future road network. It also considers in detail how several existing environmental, land ownership and physical issues might be addressed and overcome, to deliver the improvements needed in the area.

Latest project images

These images show what the development could look like in the future.  The images are artistic impressions and show the ambitions for the area.

The image to the right shows how the development will combine the green open space with residential and commercial properties.

Aspirational image only

The image to the left shows potential land use within the development.

The image to the right shows how the development could be used by the local communities and visitors to the city centre.


  • 2022


    Engagement with local communities, residents and businesses

  • 2022

    September – December

    Public engagement – find out more about the proposals and share your ideas

  • 2023

    Public consultation 

    Opportunities to shape elements of the development including future uses of the open green space

  • 2024

    Work begins on the first phase of development, subject to planning permission